FMC Emergency Department Expansion

Emergency Department Expansion

Flagstaff Medical Center

In partnership with Flagstaff Medical Center, Loven Contracting constructed a 13,000 SF addition to the Center’s existing emergency department. Included in this addition was an expanded Emergency Department which included three observation rooms, two trauma rooms, one OBGYN room, six treatment rooms and a rooftop helipad.

Project Challenges:

  • The addition required the replacement and/or upgrading of all major MEP components, which required extensive temporary work and HVAC coordination in order to allow for uninterrupted code-required airflow to patient care areas throughout the facility.
  • Extensive coordination with public, planning and way-finding were required throughout the project in order to direct patients and staff due to the ongoing changes to the department layout that occurred during the multiple phases of the project.
  • Rooftop work was conducted in close proximity to active rooftop heli-pad. Extensive coordination with air operations was required along with extreme housekeeping measures to prevent any construction debris from being swept up in the propwash of active helicopters.
    Loven Contracting worked closely with Flagstaff Medical Center staff to coordinate and maintain uninterrupted operations of all areas of the department throughout all phases of the expansion and renovation.