Lumberyard Taproom and Brewery

Lumberyard Brewery Taproom and Grille

Beaver Street Brewery

This project was a rehabilitation of the historic Flagstaff J.D. Halstead Lumber Co. building located in Downtown Flagstaff, Arizona.

In partnership with Beaver Street Brewery, Loven Contracting managed the revitalization of this 16,000 squarefoot historic masonry building to become a new micro-brewery, restaurant, and bar. One of the primary goals of this rehabilitation effort was to showcase the existing structure and salvage existing building materials for reuse within the new space. By selectively saving and reusing the original building’s roof trusses.

This was achieved by incorporating the following methods of construction: existing roof trusses were removed, reconstructed, and reinserted; existing metal roof panels were removed and utilized as interior wall paneling; existing lumber was salvaged and repurposed to build booths, waiting benches, bar tops, and trim; existing brick masonry was cleaned and repainted. As a result of this effort, this facility has become a focal point of activity for downtown Flagstaff and will accommodate the Lumberyard Brewing Company for many years to come.

The circa-1890 lumberyard building, vacant since the mid-1990s, is the last remaining building from Flagstaff’s lumber era (1887 to 1993) and listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The building earned recognition from the Coconino County Sustainable Building Program and is a recipient of an Arizona Real Estate and Development Award (RED) Award.