Meteor Crater Visitor Center

Meteor Crater Visitor Center

Meteor Crater Enterprises, Inc.

Originally built into the of the meteor impact berm in 1961, this renowned visitor center underwent a complete interior and exterior renovation and remodeling effort that updated every aspect of the original building.

With eighteen months of research, planning and development having gone into the facility’s (20) new exhibits, visitors are now able to have a state-of-the-art “hands-on” learning experience through the use of interactive computer stations. The Visitor Center also includes an new theater that features video exhibits that give visitors a chance to experience the formation of craters and meteorites.

Matching efforts of the interior face lift, this project included extensive landscape and hardscape improvements that improved visitor circulation as well as existing aesthetics.

Meteor Crater remained open to the public throughout the project’s construction phase. Loven Contracting was successful in creating management and safety plans that allowed for minimal impact on business functions and visitor experiences.