NPS Rainbow Bridge Repair

Rainbow Bridge Trail Repair

National Park Service

The Rainbow Bridge Trail Repair project required significant resources and project planning to provide effective design and delivery solutions for this remotely located project site. With the existing trail having washed away during a high water event in the Fall of 2013, the goals of this project were to reconstruct the trail above the Bridge Canyon flow channel while reducing the erosional effects on the Bridge Creek river bank. This was accomplished by placing stacked engineered gabion baskets, extending approximately (140) feet horizontally and between (6-21) feet in height, along the eroded side of the Bridge Canyon channel. Material was then placed and compacted behind the gabion baskets, against the rock face, to build the trail up to the required


During construction, severe flash floods washed out a portion of the project. Loven Contracting performed the necessary repairs and reconstruction required at NO COST to the National Park Service. With construction taking place in a highly remote area, all project materials, equipment, fuel and personnel were transported by barge to the site location. Houseboat accommodations were utilized for critical team members to be able to remain on-site for project efficiency and schedule adherence. Loven Contracting worked closely with the National Park Service to coordinate the placement, maintenance and removal of temporary visitor paths to allow for public access to the Monument throughout the duration of construction.