Science Resource and Management Building

Science Resource and Management Building

National Park Service

The Science and Resource Management Building at Grand Canyon National Park is an example of an award winning Design-Build, USGBC LEED-Platinum certified, Federally-funded project. Operating as a joint venture, Loven Contracting (LCI) teamed up with Flagstaff-based Civil Design & Engineering (CDE) to form a one-stop construction and design team.
CDE-LCI collaborated and designed the two-story, 8,900 square-foot building focusing on sustainability and incorporating the surrounding park’s architectural styles. The building’s includes office spaces, conference rooms, laboratories, a grey water collection system, a rain water collection system, solar panels and LED-lighting throughout.

This project earned 19 out of 19 LEED points in the LEED Optimized Energy Performance category, and was recognized for its exemplary regional design response to local Arizona conditions.

In 2013, Coconino County awarded this project a Sustainable Building Award.