Supporting Our Community

When you select a local business to build your project, you strengthen relationships within that community. These relationships create community well-being and stimulate the local economy, creating even more value for your project’s investment. Patronizing local businesses to build your project provides jobs for local Flagstaff residents and solidifies charitable endeavors made by Loven Contracting. It is known that local business owners have a natural interest in the long-term health of their community.

You can be assured that Loven Contracting is qualified to build your project successfully. But looking even deeper, Loven Contracting is the right choice because of our connections within our community. Our long standing, close ties throughout northern Arizona are the evidence that we strive to provide the best service possible within our community, which you will greatly benefit from and see in your completed project.

Loven Contracting provides support to many local charities through donations and sponsorships. It is our wish to give back to the community in which we live, work and build. For over 30 years, Loven has provided assistance and services to local organizations. Because of the increasing need for assistance in the local area, Loven Contracting has remained committed to making charitable contributions and holding fundraisers to provide assistance to those less fortunate.

Loven Contracting’s philanthropic culture is active throughout the entire organization. We are proud of our employee volunteer program which provides staff with the opportunity to volunteer once a month bringing strong to our community.

We as a company are also active fundraisers for many of our 501c(3)clients and have raised funds that provide a means for construction and operational costs for many of the non-profit projects we construct.

Through our donations and outreach programs, we build relationships within our community and beyond. We are committed to continuing our service to the community in the months and years to come.

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