Energy & Infrastructure Project Markets

For over a decade we have been upgrading and installing systems and controls in facilities across Arizona for our clients to serve their user groups to the best of their ability. Our experience in renewable energy, asset management, engineering, performance optimization, cost management, and more allows us to provide you with a wealth of knowledge making sure your project is the most successful it can be. We are there to support you from conceptual design throughout the construction phase and during closeout.

We Know Energy & Infrastructure

Loven Contracting has decades of experience building up the energy capabilities of our clients through generators, power plants, green energy and more.

Our healthcare construction experience while working in an active and occupied campus’ is unmatched. That can also be applied to our innovative design and we are committed to working with our clients in order to find the most innovative and compatible solutions for the environments we work in.

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Tusayan Starbucks Restaurant Food Services Loven Contracting

Energy & Infrastructure Construction Solutions

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Energy & Infrastructure Construction Projects

We understand the complexity of energy and infrastructure equipment while also being prepared for the risks. Our VPP certification showcases our commitment to keeping safe job sites and the building that mutual trust with each and every client.


Recent Projects

Flagstaff medical center CAT generators


This multi-phase project in Flagstaff, AZ upgraded aging equipment and utility supplies to accommodate current needs and future expansion while reducing operating costs through new more efficient equipment.

YRMC Emergency power upgrades (PROJECT PENDING)

This project included the installation and expansion of 3 new generators, upgrades to the fuel piping and control supply, additional fuel tanks and integration to the hospitals existing control system.

Lumberyard Brewing Loven Contracting Historic Preservation
Rainbow Bridge National Monument


This trail repair project occurred in a remote location requiring advanced planning, frequent communication and stakeholder involvement. A ADA accessible trail, flash flood erosion controls, support structure, and a reinforced flood path was added.

Design + Build Arizona
Job Order Contracting (JOC) Arizona
YMCA Flagstaff Arizona

Your new commercial space is more than just a building, it is the next step in achieving your strategic business goals.

From design + build and new construction, to tenant improvements and commercial remodels – no matter what your project size or annual revenue, we understand that timely execution of your vision, highest product quality, best value, and a great construction experience are the keys to a long term relationship. You can trust that our commercial job order contracting is second to none.

Loven Contracting’s award-winning commercial construction experience includes automotive dealerships, retail stores, restaurants and breweries, hotels, and tourist destinations. Our team brings this extensive experience to your project through our robust service offerings, including:

Design + Build Services – Offers increased speed to market, innovation, and ease of administration on the part of the client through a single point of contact for schedule, budget, and quality management. 

Preconstruction and Estimating Services – Loven Contracting incorporates the most contemporary technologies and processes, along with our experience, creativity, and problem-solving skillsets to ensure both cost and schedule certainty in the delivery of your project.

General Contracting Services – Loven Contracting has successfully delivered projects via all procurement methods. Whether you seek delivery via design+build,  traditional design-bid-build, CMAR, or IPD methodologies, we will be your partner at every step of the construction process. If you have not yet settled on a delivery method, our team will gladly help you to identify which option is best for your project parameters. 

Building Relationships Service Program and Warranty – Loven Contracting’s Building Relationships Service Plan guarantees 24-hour / 365-Day staff availability both during and after the construction of your project. We are with you for the lifetime of your building, which is why over 96% of our business comes from repeat clients. 

VPP Safety Program – Loven Contracting is a safety leader in our industry. This vigilance, combined with our commitment to the highest levels of jobsite safety, ensures the well-being and health of every individual on the project site. As a result, this enables us to offer every client a commitment to lower construction costs via these higher safety standards through schedule adherence and reduced worker’s compensation insurance costs.

Adaptive Reuse – Creative reuse of historic structures can bring dividends to your business and help to attract the right customers. Our historic preservation team acts as your advocate to develop a step-by-step plan for every aspect of the process, including site planning, environmental contaminant assessment, and collaboration with the federal, state, and local preservation officers to ensure compliance.

Energy & Infrastructure Experts

Looking for the right leaders for your Flagstaff historic preservation project? Loven Contracting Superintendent and master carpenter Audey Eckel has over 40 years of experience completing projects on some of our nation’s most iconic structures. Audey was the superintendent for both the Desert View Watchtower Preservation and Buckey O’Neill Cabin Preservation, both of which received Governor’s Heritage Preservation Awards for exceptional project results. Brett Woods has over 20 years of historic preservation experience and was the project manager for the award-winning Buckey O’Neill Cabin Preservation project.