Loven Contracting Internships in Northern Arizona

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Loven Contracting offers a robust internship program for currently enrolled University and College students.

Via this mentor-led program, Loven Contracting interns garner firsthand experience in every aspect of the construction services process, including fieldwork, construction technologies, project management, estimating, and business development, as well as development of your communication skills and an understanding of the role that safety plays in a successful project.


To qualify for the Loven Contracting internship program, you must meet one of the three following enrollment criteria:

  • You are currently enrolled as a full-time student as defined by the school, organization, or institution;
  • You have been accepted into an educational institution which meets the above requirement, when between institutions (e.g., from high school to college);
  • You are not currently enrolled but are qualified to work during the summer break. You must provide proof of continued future enrollment (e.g. full-time enrollment in the fall).

To apply, please send a resume and cover letter, including an anticipated degree track and year of enrollment.