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Read Mike’s interview in celebration of Loven Contracting’s 35 Year Anniversary here.

Mike Loven founded Loven Contracting in 1985. Thirty-five years later, Loven Contracting is an energetic and successful firm, servicing clients across the state of Arizona in a wide range of industry sectors. No matter what the project type, instilled into every Loven Contracting team member’s daily activities are Mike’s ethical standards and high-quality construction methods. Mike is ultimately responsible for client satisfaction at Loven Contracting and is actively involved in establishing and maintaining the long-term relationships that are so valuable our firm.

Mike provides primary leadership in the development and implementation of our firm’s construction standards, including the Loven Exclusives, a defined and technologically advanced set of practical and regionally-relevant construction standards for the delivery of best-in-class projects, and our VPP Star Safety Program – the highest level of workplace safety certification available.

Mike is responsible for the establishment of the Loven Contracting Philanthropic Program and is personally a member of multiple boards and non-profit organizations across the state. His belief in the value of active citizenship drives community involvement within Loven Contracting.

Through Mike’s leadership and guidance, we approach every relationship with the goal to meet each of our client’s needs through clear, concise communication and collaboration. From our customers to subcontractors and employees, we strive to establish mutually beneficial partnerships. The success and longevity of Loven Contracting is based on our commitment to our core values, including safety, customer satisfaction, ethics, and quality.

Interview with Mike Loven

by KAFF Legends | Greater Flagstaff Chamber Business Insights Show with host Julie Pastrick, President

  • 1910
    R L Loven

    Robert Lee Loven starts construction firm in Paris, Texas

    The construction gene runs in Mike’s family. Robert Lee Loven, Mike’s great grandfather, was known for the dairies he built in this Texas town. Robert also started the family tradition of gifting boots to his staff at Christmas – a tradition that continues today.
  • 1935
    Winter Barn

    James Loven Joins the Family Business

    Mike’s grandfather, James Paul Loven joined the family business with his brother and they eventually founded their own construction firm. James loved construction, and continued working even after “retirement”. He took his last check at 80 years old as superintendent on the expansion of a hospital he originally built in years prior.
  • 1964

    Mike Loven, 4 Years Old, Moves to Flagstaff, AZ

    When Mike was 4 years old, Mike’s parents, James and Patricia moved the family to Flagstaff, AZ.
  • 1970

    11 Year Old Mike Loven Starts His Lawnmowing Business

    Mike always liked working, earning his own pocket money, and not having to ask his parents for things. There are still folks who remember his days as a paperboy. In 1970, he asked his father for a loan, bought a lawnmower, and started his own business. He paid off the loan and ran a successful […]
  • 1974

    First Construction Job

    Mike started working on the jobsite in the summers during high school. The combination of physical labor, fine motor skills, and critical thinking appealed to his sensibilities. He was still in school, but he had found his calling.
  • 1982
    LC Logo old

    First (And Only) Construction Company

    After years of working for and learning from other people, Mike took $5,000 out of his savings, put it into his checking account and started Loven Contracting. Soon after, Mike sketched the first version of the Loven Contracting logo. Later iterations refine the look while retaining its distinctive shape and color.
  • 1985

    Loven Contracting, Inc.

    Loven Contracting was incorporated on October 21st, 1985. We regard this date as the official birthday of Loven Contracting!
  • 1986
    National Park Service

    Our First National Park Service Project

    Loven Contracting completed our first National Park Service project, the Postmaster’s Residence, at the Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona. Our dedication to working with the National Parks and Monuments continues today, and includes our award-winning historic preservation division. We are honored to help preserve America’s national treasures.
  • 1986
    Construction Medical Office Building

    Our First Healthcare Project

    We completed our first healthcare tenant improvement project in 1986. Today, our Healthcare Construction Division delivers both new construction and improvements on occupied campuses to healthcare systems across the southwest.
  • 1995
    loven site historic photo

    Loven Contracting’s Headquarters

    Loven Contracting purchased property on Pinnacle Street in Flagstaff, Arizona. Formerly a sawmill, this was a transformative step for our company, and it’s where our headquarters remain to this day.
  • 2005

    Jennifer A. Del Giorgio, CFO

    Jennifer A. Del Giorgio, Chief Financial Officer, joins Loven Contracting.
  • 2012

    Jon Hansen, President

    Jon Hansen, President, joins Loven Contracting.
  • 2017
    Mike Loven Philanthropist of the Year Award Photo 2017

    Philanthropist of the Year

    On December 2, 2017, Mike Loven was awarded the Philanthropist of the Year Award at the Northern Arizona Healthcare Foundation’s 57th annual Turquoise Ball in Flagstaff, Arizona.
  • 2018
    ADOSH Capitol Award Ceremony

    Commitment to Safety

    On April 13, 2018, Loven Contracting was awarded VPP Star Status, a testament to our excellent safety standards. We are proud to be one of six firms in Arizona recognized with VPP Star Status.
  • 2020

    Celebrating 35 Years of Service

    October 21st, 2020 marks Loven Contracting’s 35th Year Anniversary. We are grateful for the support of our clients and communities where we work, and we look forward to another 35 years of high-quality, best-in-class construction services! Read Mike’s interview celebrating the occasion here.

Our History

Established in 1982 and incorporated in Arizona in 1985, Loven Contracting is a privately held corporation located in Arizona. Since its founding, Loven Contracting’s unending goal has been to provide a project of superior quality while meeting its client’s expectations of excellence, customer service and best value. We have expanded our services across the Southwest, and our commitment to our core values has led to new and repeat customers alike.