Design + Build

With an engaged and enthusiastic partner, Design + Build procurement is a turn-key approach to project delivery.

An owner’s guide to a simplified and responsible procurement process.

Applicable to almost any project type, Design + Build procurement offers the fastest route to project completion via a single point of responsibility, transparent processes, and the teamwork inherent in a pre-established contractor/architect relationship. All of this is coordinated through a single simplified contract, thereby reducing the owner’s required time dedicated to administration when compared to two-contract procurement methods.

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The right design team for your project:

With Loven Contracting, clients are not limited to a single choice of Design + Build architect. Our design partners are carefully selected based on sector experience, capacity, and capabilities to be the best fit for you. Loven Contracting also offers in-house design services when speed to market and project budget are of the utmost concern.

As a part of our initial project evaluation, our preconstruction team will work with you to identify your priorities. Based on these components, we will identify the best possible resources for your project, whether schedule, budget, category expertise, location, or sustainability are at the top of your list.

Above:The Design + Build delivery method streamlines the preconstruction process, with the general contractor and architect partnering from the start under one unified contract. This collaboration from the start enables desired value engineering at every step of the project, simplifies administration requirements, and enables fast-track delivery and cost savings.

Below: In the traditional method of project delivery, the architect is hired first. The Owner works with the architect to design the entire project, and once the drawings are complete, the general contractor is hired under a separate contract. Because there is no collaboration between the architect and general contractor in the design process, this process typically requires a longer timeframe to project completion.

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