Design-build provides a streamlined, turn-key approach to commercial construction in Sedona.

When Time Is Of the Essence, Choose Design-Build

Traditional construction designing and building processes are two distinct phases, typically starting with an architect who helps design your project and then handing it off to a general contractor to turn the plans into an actual structure.  

Design-Build seamlessly connects the two phases of each project, aligning architects and builders and matching them with business owners for faster processes and better budget adherence.

Loven Contracting helps shorten the time to completion by matching your project with architects familiar with Sedona’s aesthetic and builders capable of bringing that vision to life while successfully negotiating the City’s Land and Development Code (LDC).

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Design-Build – A Collaborative Approach to Construction

The Design-Build project delivery method brings the business owner, architect, and general contractor together within a single contract, ensuring collaboration and smooth project development from day one. 

Benefits of Design-Build project management include:

  • One contract covering the entire project from concept to completion
  • Preconstruction oversight that covers both planning and approval phases
  • Careful matching of projects with the best architect/design team.
  • Dynamically updated construction cost estimates that benefit from builder/designer synchronicity 
  • Project design that considers compliance with Sedona’s LDC from start to finish
  • Fewer change orders over the duration of the project
  • Minimized delays since there’s no gap between design approval and the start of construction
  • Strategic project phasing to reduce costs and schedule 
  • Building Information Management (BIM) integration for a fully collaborative approach
  • Projects that are completed on time and within budget, preserving your margins with a guaranteed speed to market

When you opt for Design-Build, your entire project comes together under a single umbrella, and everyone involved is in the loop from the first step to the last. Your architect and builder work together to ensure your plan meets the approval of the City by taking the Code into consideration in every decision, from building site selection to material and color choices. 

Choosing Your Design-Build Architects

If Design-Build procurement is your preferred method of project delivery, partnering with a contracting firm that brings existing relationships with highly qualified architectural partners is key to a successful project. Loven Contracting’s diligent selection process considers the following factors:

  • Owner preference relative to any pre-existing design team relationship
  • Their specific experience with or expertise in your industry
  • Your specific construction location
  • Their familiarity with Sedona’s LDC
  • Desired project budget 
  • Design team capacity or availability for your project 
  • Your anticipated timeline for completion
  • Their sustainability (LEED) or WELL certifications or experience, if applicable

Assembling the right team is key to a successful Design-Build experience. Loven Contracting has years of experience collaborating with best-in-class architects and contractors who understand both your project needs and priorities and the requirements applicable to working in and around the City of Sedona, Arizona. 

 For more details about our design-build process, download our Owner’s Guide to design-build or contact our team for a professional consultation today.

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