General Contracting Services in Sedona, Arizona

The City of Sedona, Arizona, is commonly recognized as one of the most beautiful and desirable building locations in the Southwest. The Land and Development Code of the City of Sedona (LDC) ensures that the value of your project location is here to stay through the preservation of the iconic landscape.

Successfully Supporting Commercial Development in Sedona Since 1985

For 35 years, Loven Contracting has provided the highest caliber construction services to all of our clients across Arizona. We use our experience working in Sedona to tackle challenges in preconstruction. Our direct collaboration and partnership with authorities having jurisdiction (AHJ) ensures a no-surprises entitlement process for your project. From stakeholder meetings to neighborhood information sessions, we stand with our clients, helping you navigate challenges and find solutions early within the process.

When you partner with Loven Contracting for your commercial construction project, you gain access to a team of expert consultants who are intimately familiar with Sedona’s LDC. We are committed to helping you plan your project in accordance with the Code and present it to the City for approval.

We’re eager to be your partner in an on-time and on-budget delivery of your Sedona project. Commercial Contracting Services in Sedona, Arizona

Our contracting services in Sedona include:


Barbara Antonsen Memorial Park

Our Loven Contracting project management team utilized years of animal care expertise to maximize operations and ensure animal comfort at the Village Veterinary Hospital. Learn more here.

Preconstruction & Estimating for Project Success in Sedona, Arizona

Project approval timeframes can be greatly reduced through project plans developed with an understanding of and compliance with the city of Sedona’s LDC. Through coordination between all stakeholders including design and engineering teams, the general contractor, and owner, it is possible to eliminate many of the obstacles presented to less experienced teams. 

Preconstruction transparency is achieved through Loven Contracting’s Responsive Estimating Process (REP) for project cost clarity and tracking from start to finish. We utilize Building Information Technology (BIM) to create a model of your build and keep it updated throughout the design and build process. At project delivery, this BIM model is delivered within your O & M documents for use by your facilities team.

Preserving Sedona, Arizona Historic Landmarks for More Than 35 Years

Loven Contracting’s historic preservation team is here to be your resource in the adaptive reuse of your property. Through our various assessment capabilities, we can help you to determine priorities for preservation, feasibility for your program, and, if desired, navigation through the requirements of the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) and the National Historic Register.