When you partner with Loven Contracting, you gain access to a fully collaborative and integrated preconstruction process that seamlessly transitions to the construction phase at the right time.

Dependability and Predictability are Driven by the Preconstruction Process

Our goal is to guarantee both the cost and the delivery schedule for your Sedona, Arizona, project, so you can proceed with certainty. We can maximize results within your given budget and work with you to achieve your goals.

Throughout this process, our preconstruction team will keep you up-to-date with regular check-ins and verifications of the schedule as well as dynamic cost assessments. We utilize a cloud-based project management system so everyone on our team and yours has full transparency within the project scope & progress.

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Preconstruction and Estimating Process: Trackable & Transparent

Our budget and schedule deliverables are trackable & transparent.
We foster a collaborative “big room” culture, leveraging the expertise of each stakeholder on the team to achieve a clear view of your project challenges, requirements, and goals.
Project must-haves are identified, aligned, and internalized through project goal setting. The organizational success of the preconstruction process depends on accurately prioritizing stakeholders desires.

Preconstruction Services in Sedona, Arizona Include:

Project Management, General Administration, and Coordination

We are committed to advancing preconstruction and estimating processes to ensure timely delivery.

Site Analysis

Our team can evaluate your build site and identify any issues before construction begins.

Constructability Review

The design of your project will be carefully examined for constructability and compatibility with the surrounding environment.

Project Schedule and Procurement Strategy

We facilitate procurement procedures to keep your project moving ahead of schedule.

Subcontractor Scope Development and Bid Preparation

Subcontractor scope & bid preparation is essential to budget management. An accountable process uses internal reviews to cross-check the scopes of work and prevents budget creep & late-stage change orders.

Responsive Estimating Process

Responsive estimating processes ensure a transparent & trackable route to final GMP. Documents are updated on a defined schedule and always accessible to the project owner.

Value Engineering

We coordinate with engineers from the start of the preconstruction process, incorporating desired elements into the design.

Permitting & Design Approval

We’re experienced in partnering with local regulatory authorities to ensure a smooth permitting process for your build in Sedona, Arizona & Yavapai County.

GMP Development

Providing you with a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) helps you predict costs and prevents ballooning expense sheets.

Safety Program Design

Safety is essential to every successful project. Loven Contracting’s very high VPP safety rating ensures that project budget goes to your program, and not to insurance costs.

The Benefits of Preconstruction & Estimating in Sedona, AZ

The success of your project begins in preconstruction and estimating. Our dedicated team defines every aspect of your project long before we break ground for a no-surprises delivery. Loven Contracting partners with you to set clear expectations for budget and schedule, and delivers accordingly.

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