VPP Safety Program

Safety on the jobsite is our number one priority, for our employees and for yours.

Loven Contracting is proud to be recognized under OSHA’s Volunteer Protection Program (VPP) with the Arizona Department of Occupational Safety and Health (ADOSH). The VPP program recognizes employers and workers in both private industry and in federal agencies who have implemented effective safety and health management systems, and who maintain injury and illness rates below the Bureau of Labor Statistics averages for their respective categories.

Participation in this program elevates Loven Contracting to a safety leader in our industry and ensures that our team is successful in providing and maintaining a safe work environment. We ensure that our crews and trade partners work safely and are constantly on the watch for unsafe behaviors — a Loven Contracting philosophy that is embedded into each and every employee’s daily habits. This vigilance, and our commitment to the highest levels of jobsite safety, ensures the well-being and health of every individual on the project site.

A safe and organized jobsite is also an efficient jobsite. Loven Contracting offers every client a commitment to lower construction costs via these higher safety standards, through schedule adherence and via reduced worker’s compensation insurance costs.