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The Ambulatory Surgical Center is an extreme makeover of a former auto dealership and brings a state-of-the-art orthopedic surgery center and clinic to Flagstaff, AZ. This first 8,953SF phase of a 24,000SF multi-phase development includes 2 operating rooms and a single procedure room. Adaptive reuse of pre-existing buildings and infrastructure enabled a fast-track delivery of this new facility. Using existing infrastructure also enabled savings in utility connection fees and the development of roadway access points.

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Adapting a former auto dealership into the new Ambulatory Surgical Center

When Flagstaff Bone & Joint needed a new Ambulatory Surgical Center to fill the needs of their expanding orthopedic practice, they needed to move quickly. With an extremely tight schedule for their project, they opted for an adaptive reuse option over a completely new build.

A former auto dealership was available in a prime location in Flagstaff, Arizona. By implementing adaptive reuse architecture, Loven Contracting could deliver the project on time and within budget, creating enormous cost savings for Flagstaff Bone & Joint and delivering a completed space that met all of their needs.

A lot of analysis went into the difference in cost between new construction and adaptive reuse projects. Only when it became clear that transforming the existing auto dealership was a strong value decision was the decision to move forward solidified.

Loven looked at the existing location and perceived multiple ways to solve problems by using the current infrastructure. In the case of the Flagstaff Bone & Joint Ambulatory Surgical Center, significant savings on site development cost and a streamlined permitting process freed up budget that could be allocated to programming within the facility, which helped the client meet other goals.

The final outcome is a completed commercial construction project that was able to repurpose an existing building’s infrastructure to perfectly meet the requirements of its new usage. This is a success on several levels, meeting goals in regard to both cost and time to occupancy. The impact of the construction project on the environment was minimal as it simply repurposed an existing structure.

The new facility is ideally located for access from major thoroughfares, has ample parking, and meets the needs of Flagstaff Bone & Joint’s surgical specialists as well as the many patients who will use the facility over the coming years.

Benefits of Adaptive Reuse Building

As commercial contractors with a strong focus on sustainable building, Loven Contracting has extensive experience in the adaptive reuse project development field. There are many benefits that can be claimed when a commitment to adaptive reuse building is made:

Sustainability benefits of adaptive reuse projects:

While many people associate the term “green building” with rigorous LEED standards and other environmental guidelines for ethical construction, the truth is that the greenest building is found in adapting a building that already exists. Adaptive use of an existing building will deliver greater environmental and cost-saving opportunities.

Green, greener, greenest

While LEED or other green building processes enable sustainable construction projects, adapting and reusing is the most green construction possible. Adaptive reuse allows the following to be leveraged for an even greener build:

  • An existing and use-ready lot
  • Established drainage and landscaping
  • Previously poured slab foundation
  • Reused masonry structure
  • Repurposed connections

By transforming a building that was already there, Flagstaff Bone & Joint and Loven Contracting were able to achieve a positive environmental impact as well as significant cost savings thanks to faster project completion and shorter time-to-launch for the new Ambulatory Surgical Center.

Cost-saving benefits of adaptive reuse construction:

Enabling a project to use existing facilities infrastructure and roadway access points can significantly decrease costs at several important touchpoints:


A smooth permitting and engineering review process is essential to achieving desired construction timelines. By using a building that is already in place, you can expedite the permitting process. 

Site Development

Site developments play a significant role in establishing both budget and schedule for a new construction project. Cost and complexity of a build are higher when there is a necessity to set up new access points and infrastructure. An existing site with the necessary vehicle access, utilities and drainages already in place will positively improve time to market and enable the owner to maximize programming in other areas.

 At Loven Contracting, we’ll apply our experience and understanding of adaptive reuse to help you achieve your business goals. From initial evaluation of potential sites through project delivery, we will be with you every step of the way.

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