Sustainable Construction in Flagstaff

Loven Contracting is here to help you attain sustainability goals for construction projects in the Flagstaff area.

At Loven Contracting, we strive to deliver highest quality projects that hit your green building targets. As your advocate and partner, we offer a range of sustainability services to Flagstaff companies, including first cost vs. lifecycle cost evaluation, green materials and equipment procurement, LEED certification documentation, LEED scorecard analysis and strategies, and renewable energy solutions. Our team has years of experience with sustainable construction in Arizona, including the only LEED Platinum Certified structure in Grand Canyon National Park and more modest solutions such as rainwater harvesting and materials selection appropriate to Northern Arizona. Whether you require renewable energy upgrades or the incorporation of passive energy-efficiency features into your project’s design, we will help you to meet your sustainability goals.

LEED Certification

Achieving LEED Certification begins in the preconstruction process. From registering your project, identifying your project’s target certification level (Platinum, Gold, Silver, or Certified), tracking your project’s progress, and achieving final certification, our LEED accredited professionals and preconstruction team will work with you and the requirements of the US Green Building Council to deliver a high-quality product.

Lowell Observatory and Flagstaff Dark Sky City Standards

1896 was the birth year of the Lowell Observatory, and the original telescope at the observatory was used to discover Pluto in 1930. Due in part to Lowell Observatory’s legacy of scientific significance and the continuing pursuit of astronomical knowledge on the part of multiple local entities, Flagstaff was classified as the world’s first International Dark Sky City in 2001. Dark Sky City regulations require that developmental changes in Flagstaff must conform to sustainability standards, such minimizing artificial light and illuminated signage with sustainable lighting practices, reducing air pollution, and more. At Loven Contracting, we take this criteria into account on each of our Flagstaff-based projects ensuring easy regulatory compliance for our clients.

Since our founding in 1985, Loven Contracting has embraced Flagstaff’s status as a STEM City, mobilizing an educated and savvy workforce capable of working in the most sensitive research and education environments. This includes the construction of the William Lowell Putnam Collection Center and Library at the observatory.

Sustainability Champion

Looking for local sustainability expertise? LEED Accredited Professional, Jed Westover, is a founding member of Flagstaff’s Climate Action and Adaptation Plan Steering Committee and helped to produce the Climate Action and Adaptation Plan, formally adopted by the City in November of 2018. Whether you seek LEED Certification or hope to apply local best practices or sustainability to your project, Jed is in your corner.