Globe, Arizona


Animal Care

“…Loven Contracting, The Architecture Company, and Shelter Planners of America [are] collaborating on a design that does more than simply shelter frightened and lost dogs and cats: it’s designed to meet our growing communities for decades to come.”

Currently in progress, Gila County’s new animal shelter will include 27 separate indoor/outdoor kennels for dogs, 2 larger kennels specifically designed for puppies, and 3 kennels for quarantined/medical dogs, a grooming room, a “get acquainted room,” and an adjacent fenced yard where potential adoptees and prospective new owners may spend time together to ensure a good match. The fenced yard expands opportunities for volunteers, too; people willing to help socialize shelter pets can chaperone them for outdoor play and exercise.

For cats, the shelter includes a “Community Cats” room and “Catio,” along with feline-specific meet-and-greet rooms. Ten individual cages allow cats to be housed separately when needed.

Industrial grade HVAC will keep animals cool and safe through Gila County’s frequent 100+ degree summer days, and together with an integrated pressure-washer, will ensure a hygienic and sanitary environment. Additional spaces include a surgical area and animal quarantine unit, rooms for animals other than cats and dogs, and a Sally port where a mobile veterinary van can provide additional surgical, medical, and dental services. The site will also include a septic system to process gray water and waste since it does not have access to the County sewer.