Buckey O’Neill Cabin

Buckey O’Neill Cabin

Built in 1890, the Buckey O’Neill Cabin is the oldest surviving structure on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon National Park and was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1975. At 129 years old, this historic structure had never seen significant restoration activities prior to our work. Key issues included significant damage due to wood-boring insects and water infiltration as well as historically inappropriate use of latex paints over its years of service.

Loven Contracting’s historic renovation specialists worked together with the client, Xanterra, and with the National Park Historic Architect to determine the ideal methodologies and scope of work for repairing the damage and mitigating future issues. Our team also designed both a project schedule to minimize the impact of work on the popular suite, and a robust safety plan that protected the visitors, staff, and wildlife, and preserved the quality of experience on the South Rim.

Loven Contracting’s scope of construction services on the Buckey O’Neill historic cabin included removing and replacing the insect-damaged materials, as well as replicating the marks made by historic tools on on the replacement logs. Wood was treated with linseed and pine tar as well as an anti-termite treatment, and all chinking and daubing was replaced and left unpainted for historic accuracy. The original stone foundation was un-buried and stripped of paint, both returning it to original condition and providing extra protection from termites. To protect against long term water damage, the addition of historically appropriate copper gutters was approved by the historic architect.

Loven Contracting is honored to share in the stewardship of this national icon, preserving it for future visitors to this UNESCO World Heritage Site and National Park.