Grand Canyon Visitor Center

Loven Contracting remodeled the Grand Canyon National Park Visitor Center and constructed a new 3,100SF, 248-seat theater addition. Scope of work included integration of new sustainability features, new exhibits, the installation of a terrazzo “river,” and multiple educational features. The Visitor Center’s new design elements and educational features are now favorite attractions at the highly visited site.

Millions of people per year visit Arizona’s Grand Canyon National Park. The vast majority of these tourists include the Visitor Center in their itineraries. The Loven Contracting team worked closely with the National Park Service to schedule construction work and implement safety plans that preserved the quality of experience for visitors, staff, and wildlife. This included daily safety inspections, screened fencing, and scheduling construction relative to bus tours to minimize activities during high visitor periods.

Construction was completed on an accelerated winter schedule. To mitigate the challenges of winter construction, a full scaffolding system was erected for the masonry phase of building construction and then left in place to provide a temporary weather enclosure.