Coconino County Public Works Cinder Barns


Flagstaff, Arizona | Williams, Arizona

Coconino County Public Works (CCPW) maintains County roads during snow operations with “rock cinders” using trucks equipped with cinder spreaders. The mechanical performance of these spreaders is severely hampered when the cinders are frozen. To maximize the efficient application of cinders and to fulfill this critical life/safety operation, CCPW partnered with Loven Contracting to construct (2) cinder barns; one in Flagstaff (12,000SF) and one in Williams, AZ (6,400SF) for dry cinder storage away from inclement weather.

Stakeholder consultation regarding ideal patterns of use by the road maintenance crews, and a design that anticipates heavy equipment operation demands and offers durability relative to potential accidental equipment/building impacts, were essential to meeting the client’s criteria for success. Design solutions to facilitate the CCPW’s operations included increasing the concrete slab thickness to support the cinder piles and equipment weight and 10″ CIP concrete walls for the PEMB structure. These projects were delivered ahead of schedule, well in advance of the winter road maintenance season.