Coconino County, AZ

Glen Canyon National Recreation Area has their largest wastewater treatment facility located at Wahweap Marina, which pumps sewage to Page crossing the Glen Canyon Bridge at the Colorado River. The sewer force main at this facility hangs off the side of the bridge 800 feet above the water below and was deemed in critical condition. Loven Contracting acted quickly and performed immediate assessments of the pipeline structure upon contract award. 

After the pipeline breaches were identified, Loven Contracting developed a scope of work to perform the immediate repairs required to allow the pipeline to function properly. In order to access the pipe and begin the repair process, a bridge truck was utilized to lift personnel out and over the side of the bridge. Using the bridge truck required closure of a travel lane on the bridge, restricting traffic flow. Due to an outstanding traffic permit between ADOT and the local houseboat transportation company, the bridge lanes could not be restricted between the hours of 6am and 8pm. As such, all traffic closures and bridge truck activities were conducted after 8pm. 

In addition to our construction services, Loven Contracting provided valuable recommendations and advisement to the National Park Service to ensure the pipeline’s future long-term performance. This project came in below original estimates, providing an overall cost savings to the National Park Service.