Historic El Tovar Hotel Restoration

Historic El Tovar Hotel Roof Replacement

Grand Canyon National Park

In partnership with Xanterra Parks & Resorts, Loven Contracting replaced the roof of the Grand Canyon National Park’s El Tovar Hotel, one of the oldest and most iconic National Park hotels in the nation. Opened in 1905, the El Tovar was constructed to accommodate increasing numbers of train passengers arriving aboard the Grand Canyon Railway. Due to the hotel’s placement on the National Register of Historic Places as well as its status as a National Historic Landmark, any work on the facility required strict adherence to both the National Park Service and SHPO historic renovation, preservation, and rehabilitation guidelines. The roof replacement included installation of over 450,000 SF of cedar shake shingles that that would match the profile and finishes of the original. Our years of experience working in and around active Grand Canyon National Park sites enabled our team to work efficiently while ensuring the safety and quality of experience of visitors, staff, residents, and wildlife. To limit the impact of our construction services on the visiting public, extensive management of environmental controls and safety measures were implemented throughout all phases of the project.