Flagtown Lofts


Flagstaff, AZ

Flagtown Lofts is a 7,726 SF3story mixeduse complex in Flagstaff, AZ. The ground floor includes 2,152 SF of retail or restaurant shell space, above which are six premiere vacation rental apartments. Loven Contracting partnered with UPDESIGN studio for enhanced functionality and aesthetic opportunities to complement the Southside district.

The project is located on South San Francisco Street in the heart of Flagstaff’s busy Southside neighborhood. With zero lot lines, construction activities took place above one of the city’s busiest oneway streets and pedestrian sidewalks — rigorous application of VPP safety protocol was essential to citizen safety. The Loven Contracting team employed lane restrictions and street closures as needed, and large deliveries were scheduled during early morning hours to avoid the heaviest pedestrian and vehicle traffic.  

COVID-19 Response Services

Unique to 2020 was the need to strategize around the emerging COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent staff healthmanpower, and supply issues. Loven Contracting’s Safety Coordinator, the Project Manager, and the Executive Team worked together to develop a set of job site policies based on CDC recommendations, enabling all ongoing and new projects to proceed safely with employee and community health as the highest priority. Potential COVID-19-related impacts on the project schedule were mitigated via sequencing timeframes of work between each subcontractor and crew, as well as establishing designated work areas for individuals. Health questionnaires were completed daily and any irregular answers or health conditions were immediately reported, ensuring an efficient and safe work environment for all of our staff and subcontractors.