Grand Canyon National Park, AZ

Loven Contracting’s historic preservation carpentry team replaced the roofs and repaired key historic elements on the historic Bright Angel Cabins located in the historic Grand Canyon Village on the South Rim of this UNESCO World Heritage site.

Key to the success of this project was a site management plan that ensured minimal impact on the activities of park visitors and staff in a high-volume visitation zone. Specific components of the management plan included a phased project schedule that enabled us to reduce the size of the work area, screened fencing, and an adjusted work schedule to minimize work during high visitation days.

Loven Contracting’s ability to self-perform intricate carpentry work was utilized to replicate the historic textures of the original logs/viga via modified modern tools for efficiency and accuracy. Additionally, all paints were matched using NPS guidelines, and the original cedar shingles were replaced with in-kind materials for historical accuracy. Sustainable practices included the evaluation of and re-installation of salvageable original materials and meeting all client requirements.