How can we help? Healthcare and Essential Service Facility Assistance for COVID-19 Response

We will gladly share our experience and expertise to help you evaluate and prepare your facilities for the COVID-19 emergency. Call 928-774-9040.

As our communities prepare for the impact of COVID-19, construction firms across the country are pitching in to help healthcare and essential service facilities navigate new challenges. Here at Loven Contracting, we have spent the recent weeks working with local partners to provide additional containment in their facilities, helping them to accommodate the potential requirements of this emergency.

Our recent services have included the following:

  • Construction of negative pressure anterooms outside of patient treatment areas, including operating rooms, cath labs, interventional radiology, and patient rooms. These temporary facilities improve containment and provide healthcare personnel space to don and doff PPE.
  • Erection of emergency response/triage tents and associated temporary traffic control barriers and management outside of emergency rooms.
  • Installation of temporary facilities for emergency response personnel.

Our educated team is experienced in working in sensitive healthcare environments and maintains all necessary Infection Control Risk Assessment / Best Practices in Healthcare Construction certifications required to be a contributing resource for local response to COVID-19. Whether we provide services directly for you or not, please feel free to contact us. We will gladly help you to prepare a facility-specific strategy based on our company’s experience working in healthcare environments. It is our goal to be of as much help to the communities we serve as we are able.