Progress Continues on new State-of-the-Art Arizona Oncology Cancer Center in Prescott

Progress Continues on new State-of-the-Art Arizona Oncology Cancer Center in Prescott

Rendering Courtesy of Corgan

Cancer is hard enough without the challenge of trying to find one-stop care close to home. That’s why at Loven Contracting, we’re so happy to be part of a team creating the new state-of-the-art Arizona Oncology Cancer Center in Prescott that will provide greater accessibility to cancer care in Yavapai County.

Working collaboratively with partners Arizona Oncology, NexCore Group, and Corgan, Loven Contracting’s Healthcare Construction Team recently broke ground on the 22,10SF facility serving patients in Prescott, Prescott Valley, Chino Valley, and Dewey-Humboldt.

The regional center at 5430 Landmark Lane in Prescott will provide convenient access to the latest cancer treatment services and technologies. “In building a new facility, we’re able to provide all of our services under one roof so patients can experience more collaborative medical care,” Iyad Hamarneh, medical oncologist with Arizona Oncology, said in a statement. “When completed, our cancer center will be the only practice in the quad-city region that will offer medical oncology, radiation oncology, and hematology services for our community.”

Arizona Oncology is one of the largest medical organizations in Arizona, with more than 75 physicians who provide comprehensive, compassionate, and high-quality cancer care. Its goal is to provide cancer treatments close to patients’ homes. NexCore Group is a national healthcare real estate investment and development company that has been recognized as one of the Top Healthcare Real Estate Developers nationwide by Modern Healthcare and Healthcare Real Estate Insights (HREI). Corgan is an award-winning architecture firm that designs innovative healthcare spaces.

The Arizona Oncology Center will offer medical oncology, surgical oncology, breast cancer treatment and diagnostics, urology services, radiation therapies (including HDR), diagnostic imaging (CT/PET, CT) laboratory diagnostics, genomic testing, nutrition services, oncology research and pharmacy, lab and hematology services.

In addition to housing a wide variety of services in one facility, the center will include several features designed to better fit the needs of cancer patients, such as a 34-chair infusion area with outdoor garden space. Once the center is complete, the Arizona Oncology team will move from its current location at 3188 N. Windsong in Prescott Valley, which it has outgrown, to the new facility.

Delivering Innovative Projects for Healthcare Systems

At Loven Contracting, our award-winning Healthcare Construction team has delivered quality projects for healthcare systems across the southwest since 1985. We understand the complex and exacting requirements of new, state-of-the-art healthcare facilities and how to work safely in existing hospitals and medical centers.

Our team sets the standard for the construction of hospitals, outpatient clinics, specialty clinics, behavioral health facilities, surgery centers and specialty imaging suites. Our commitment to health and safety is second to none, and we’re one of only six general contractors in Arizona to earn the prestigious VPP Star safety rating.

To learn more about Loven Contracting’s expertise in healthcare facility and hospital construction, go HERE. View our Healthcare & Medical Center Construction portfolio at HERE.

Mike Loven Transitions to CEO | Jon Hansen, P.E., named as President of 36-Year-Old Flagstaff Firm

Mike Loven Transitions to CEO | Jon Hansen, P.E., named as President of 36-Year-Old Flagstaff Firm

Loven Contracting is proud to announce that founder, Mike Loven (above left), has transitioned to the role of Chief Executive Officer and that Vice President Jon Hansen, P.E. (above right), has assumed the role of company President.

Long-Time Leader With A Newly Expanded Role

Mike Loven founded Loven Contracting in 1985 as a two-person operation. Thirty-six years later, the Flagstaff, AZ-headquartered general contracting firm services clients across the southwest in a wide range of industry sectors. Mike’s lifelong focus on ethical standards and high-quality construction methods has been the key to building the firm’s long-term client relationships and outstanding reputation for project delivery and process.

Beyond Mike’s many tangible accomplishments, he has fostered an employee-oriented culture of excellence across all aspects of Loven Contracting operations. “Early identification of talented personnel and trade partners has enabled us to build a team that is laser-focused on client results,” says Mike. “Loven Contracting personnel have the tools and opportunities they need to grow their careers, which translates into employee retention and consistent best-quality project delivery.”

As CEO, Mike will continue to provide primary leadership in implementing the firm’s construction standards and the VPP Star Safety Program – the highest level of workplace safety certification available. “I will also focus on client relationships and solidifying a 36-year legacy of quality project delivery,” said Mike. “This transition will enable more in-person service for our clients and increased time with our team members in the field – reinforcing the core philosophies that make us successful.”

Leader With A Newly Expanded Role

Loven Contracting’s newly named President, Jon Hansen, P.E., is a known and respected member of the Loven Contracting team. Most recently Vice President and leader of Loven Contracting’s Healthcare Construction Division, Jon has been instrumental in the firm’s growth and expertise in delivering the most technically demanding healthcare and energy infrastructure projects. As President, he will focus on operational excellence and the future growth of Loven Contracting. “I am looking forward to the opportunity to lead our diverse and energetic team,” says Jon, “I have a deep respect for what Mike has built, and this transition will provide Loven Contracting with the additional leadership horsepower necessary to build future success for our clients and employees.”

Jon Hansen, P.E. is a lifetime Arizona resident who settled in Flagstaff with his family after receiving his Civil Engineering degree from Northern Arizona University. Additionally, Jon supports the Loven Contracting commitment to the community through his volunteer work on the Board of the Boys and Girls Club of Flagstaff.

Mike Loven has deep roots in Northern Arizona and is a life-long philanthropist in local communities. He is currently President of the Board of Directors of the Coconino County Industrial Development Authority and on the Board of Directors for both the Raymond Foundation and the Northern Arizona Leadership Alliance.

Loven Contracting and Red Feather’s Donation Partnership

Loven Contracting and Red Feather’s Donation Partnership

Another donation to Red Feather Development Group! Loven Contracting donates used surplus material, appliances, and equipment from our job sites to keep suitable used materials out of the waste stream. A long-time partner, Red Feather, takes the donations and partners with Indigenous communities to develop and implement lasting and impactful housing solutions. We hope that today’s donated material will lead to significant improvements in homes across Northern Arizona. Thank you for your partnership!

Founded in 1985, Loven Contracting works across the Southwest, specializing in the healthcare, education, commercial, hospitality, and historic preservation sectors. Loven Contracting’s goal is to build relationships through the delivery of superior quality projects while exceeding client expectations for excellence, customer service and best value.

State of The Construction Industry | AZRE Builders Roundtable Interview

State of The Construction Industry | AZRE Builders Roundtable Interview

Arizona Commercial Real Estate Magazine recently spoke with six construction industry leaders, including Mike Loven, President and Founder of Loven Contracting. The discussion focused on topics related to business management over the past 16 months and future plans relative to ongoing challenges. Use the link below to read the full article!
Why Are McDonald’s Arches Turquoise In Sedona, Arizona?

Why Are McDonald’s Arches Turquoise In Sedona, Arizona?

If you’re traveling through West Sedona along State Route 98A for the first time, the locals will forgive you for doing a doubletake. In fact, they expect it. Visitors from across the world come to Sedona, AZ, every year to experience and explore mountains, mesas, and valleys that are unlike anything else in the world. Though visitors are happy to leave the road and head off on foot to view some of Arizona’s most spectacular sights up close, one of Red Rock country’s most unusual sights isn’t far off the beaten path at all and can be found in a Safeway shopping center.

Only One McDonald’s Has a Turquoise Color Sign in The World

No matter where you are in the world, you know you’ve arrived at one of the more than 36,000 McDonald’s locations when you catch a glimpse of the famed Golden Arches. That is, of course, unless you’re in West Sedona. Visitors passing through Oak Creek Canyon on Arizona’s first designated scenic highway, Route 89A, are treated to the sight of the only Turquoise Arches found on a McDonald’s restaurant anywhere in the world.

The West Sedona McDonald’s was built in 1993. While there is room for debate over the precise shade of the arches (some say they’re teal, others turquoise), it’s clear to all that they’re certainly not the signature yellow that adorns other franchise locations across the globe. The original Sedona arches were opaque and appeared black at night, so in 2015 they received an upgrade with backlighting to make them more visible after dark. Owner-operator Derik Cook donated the original arches to the Sedona Heritage Museum, where they remain on display.

Sedona Arches
Photo Credit:

Why Are McDonald’s Arches a Different Color in Sedona?

When your city is home to the type of breathtaking natural beauty you find in Sedona, you take preserving that beauty seriously. When McDonald’s representatives approached the city of Sedona about opening a location in the shopping center, they engaged in discussions with Sedona’s city council and Planning & Zoning commission. Unlike the typical McDonald’s design with its trademark large arches and red and yellow palette, the West Sedona plans were designed to ensure consistency with the Pueblo-revival style of the shopping center without taking away from the surrounding area’s natural beauty.

Whether they knew it or not, their collaboration would lead to building one more attraction for visitors to Sedona, Arizona. Today, tourists from all over the world stop at roadside restaurant not only to grab a bite to eat but to snap a picture with the only turquoise arches in the world.

Sedona, AZ City Ordinances

Sedona’s city ordinances ensure that the city’s beautiful natural landscape is preserved so residents and visitors alike can enjoy it. Once you’ve seen the wide-open skies and stunning red rock mountains for yourself, you understand why building ordinances in Sedona apply such a careful hand. When McDonald’s sought to open the now-famous West Sedona location, the city planner and staff had design review guidelines in place that served as the lodestar of the design process and ensured the site stayed consistent with the character and environment of the city.

Throughout Sedona, city ordinances ensure that structures don’t intrude upon the natural scenery. The building code also assures that completed structures will harmonize with the natural colors of the landscape. For McDonald’s, this meant their trademark yellow arches wouldn’t work in their new location. And though the turquoise arches represented a significant departure from their standard design, they proved the perfect complement to the natural palette of the stunning Southwest city.

Sedona, AZ Building Codes

Sedona’s turquoise arches are unique and reflect the commitment of the city’s residents to be thoughtful stewards of the land. And while Sedona, Arizona’s building codes were drafted thoughtfully to ensure measured and considerate development, similar ordinances are found across the globe to ensure that modern conveniences, historic landmarks, and natural landscapes can co-exist. In fact, travelers worldwide can expect to see other one-of-a-kind McDonald’s locations in quite a few cities.

In Bergen, Norway, you won’t find any arches at all on the white wood-paneled exterior of one of the city’s oldest timber buildings, which houses a McDonald’s restaurant. And, while the golden arches are on prominent display at a Roswell, New Mexico McDonald’s location, the UFO-shaped restaurant is unlike any other location. And visitors to New Hyde Park, NY, will find all their favorite McDonald’s menu items inside a 1795 farmhouse later converted into a 19th-century Georgian mansion before it became home to this Long Island McDonald’s, which advertises itself with only a modest sign with nary an arch in sight.

As in Sedona, these cities put their job of maintaining the land’s beauty and their city’s character so residents and visitors could enjoy it for generations to come.


As a full-service contractor with an award-winning historic preservation team, Loven Contracting is proud to serve clients in Sedona and across Arizona. For 35 years, we’ve partnered with private, non-profit, and government organizations throughout the Southwest to bring their visions to life while respecting the history and deep traditions that give character and beauty to the land. We’re always happy to build a new relationship and would love to hear from you. Whether you are looking for general information, have a question about your construction project, or are interested in working with us as a vendor, contact us today.

Loven Contracting Sponsors the Flagstaff Running Series

Loven Contracting Sponsors the Flagstaff Running Series

Loven Contracting is proud to be the title sponsor of the entire Flagstaff Summer Series of running events in 2021 through our philanthropic outreach program. This local race program is organized by longtime Flagstaff community booster Neil Weintraub and is a cultural touchstone for our community.

Runners from all over the world come to Flagstaff to train in our perfect conditions and high altitude. If Flagstaff were a country and could lay claim to its athletes the way actual countries do in their tallying of Olympic medal counts, it could boast of being a top 10 nation over the course of the last five Olympic cycles. That’s out of over 200 participating countries!

The Flagstaff Running Series reflects this heritage and benefits various programs, including Northland Hospice and Big Brothers Big Sisters. We are honored to support Flagstaff’s heritage, and we look forward to having an even broader community impact!

Register for the Flagstaff Running Series Today!

The Flagstaff Summer Series of running events will kick off with:

Virtual Northland Hospice Run for Life 5K/10K – June 19 – July 3
Machine Solutions Soldiers Trail Run 5K/10K – August 7
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Flagstaff Half Marathon/5K – August 14
Gaspin’ in the Aspen 15K/5K – August 28
The Sunnyside 5K – October 3

All participants will get a Sweatvac high-tech race shirt. Learn more about the packages or register here.