Little Colorado Medical Center Emergency Department


Winslow, Arizona



Loven Contracting provided healthcare construction services to the Little Colorado Medical Center in Winslow, Arizona. 13,000SF of new space was added onto the existing Emergency Department, and the scope of our work also included:

  • Five state-of-the-art trauma rooms
  • Five new emergency rooms
  • A rooftop heliport
  • A new nurse’s station

Loven Contracting facilitated additional changes and modifications to the healthcare campus, including a renovation of the waiting room and Emergency Departments. To increase efficiency and reliability, the Emergency Department rooms were designed semi-circularly and set up to be visible from the nurse’s station to promote fast and prompt patient care. Our work included the addition of a psychiatric room that was added to the hospital’s emergency department. The ER expansion also incorporates aesthetic design choices that match the design of previously built clinics, with colors and trim materials selected to be functional and create an atmosphere of comfort for patients.