When Mike Loven founded Loven Contracting, he was the first person on the job site every morning and the last guy to leave every evening after personally inspecting the day’s work. No task was complete if it didn’t meet his requirements for durability, quality, and craftsmanship.

Mike’s drive to deliver the best possible project for every client is at the core of Loven Contracting’s 35 years of building relationships. Today, it forms the basis for our firm’s construction standards. These standards include the Loven Exclusives, a clearly defined and technologically advanced set of practical and regionally-relevant construction techniques, all of which have roots in decades of practical job site experience.

Why Hire a Self-Performing Contractor?

Directly related to this are Loven Contracting’s capabilities as a self-performing contractor. Loven Contracting offers in-house resources – including skilled craftsmen and various equipment – to self-perform a wide range of construction activities. When needed, this capability provides the following benefits to our clients: 

1. Greater project efficiency and schedule adherence:

Self-performance offers Loven Contracting teams more control over the preconstruction and construction processes, particularly when complex construction activities must be completed simultaneously or to ensure that activities on the critical path are completed promptly.

2. Budget allocation and cost certainty:

During preconstruction, self-performing contractors work closely with design partners and stakeholders to determine best practices for budget maximization. Once the construction phase begins, self-performance services can be provided to avoid potential delays and cost escalation and ensure client satisfaction by delivering a best-in-class product. 

3. Higher quality:

The Loven Contracting Exclusives are a set of construction processes and methods that result in the highest quality projects. We integrate the Loven Contracting Exclusives wherever possible on every Loven Contracting project. We provide mentorship and training in these techniques to every Loven Contracting employee, subcontractor, and consultant, enabling the successful integration of the Loven Exclusives into every aspect of your project. We stand behind our final product with the Loven Contracting Building Relationships Service Plan and are only satisfied when you are satisfied. 

4. Improved job-site safety:

A safe project is an efficient project. As a self-performing contractor, we know which activities on a job site have elevated risk factors that, when not mitigated, have the potential to cause lengthy delays. Job-site safety is maintained through defined safety protocols and standards that all staff (Loven Contracting employees and subcontractor teams) must follow. As a VPP Star-certified firm, Loven Contracting has developed a company-wide safety culture through hazard prevention and control, Job Hazard Analysis, and training. 

5. Loven Contracting Offers Transparent Self-Performance Costs:

Any self-performance activity is accompanied by an itemized open book cost analysis – including competitive quotes – with each line item clearly defined. This ensures an apples-to-apples comparison for any proposed self-performance activity. 

Ready To Work With A Self-Performing Contactor?

Are you interested in learning more about working with a self-performing construction company like Loven Contracting? If so, contact us today to learn how you can save time and money and better control your project quality.