Yuma, Arizona



Loven Contracting provided preconstruction and construction services as a completion contractor for the New Clinic Building at the Sunset Community Health Center in Yuma, Arizona. This new facility enables Sunset Health to offer an expanded range of services to their clients, including a new pharmacy and dentist office. The 13,242 SF, two-story wood and steel frame building, also consolidates the administration offices and training/conference rooms into one unified space and includes an upgraded parking lot and landscaping for the entire campus.

As a trusted and reliable partner for Sunset Health, Loven Contracting provided a fast and thorough preconstruction evaluation of the project. Our services included a budget review, subcontractor scope review, red-lined and updated drawings, additional design for incomplete drawings, and resurveying the site.

As a part of the value engineering process, Loven Contracting worked with the designer and client during the preconstruction phase to achieve significant savings through reducing the quantity of metal siding on the building, saving the client money both in first costs and in potential long term maintenance issues.

Photos: Amy Wilson