Flagstaff, AZ

This is a remodel of an inpatient psychiatric hospital and behavioral health residential area to meet current demand and AZDHS requirements. All construction was completed while the facilities were active and fully occupied. These renovated facilities include exam rooms, dressing rooms, bedrooms, group and behavioral spaces, a reconfigured Crisis Stabilization Unit (CUS), member intake offices, administrative conference spaces, nurse stations, and a medicine dispensing office.

Contemporary Behavioral Health Facility

A contemporary behavioral health facility’s unique requirements include the required ligature-resistance upgrades, impact-resistant and scratch-resistant windows, door control reconfiguration, Mondo resilient sheet flooring within patient areas, and tamper-proof MEP components throughout. To ensure safety, patient rooms are equipped with alarm systems above the doors that detect weight and alert the adjacent nurse’s station.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Loven Contracting’s project management team strategized and enforced protocols to ensure crew and medical staff safety. This included daily schedule management and modifying the phasing plan based on the hospital’s limited intake and retainage procedures.

Photos: Emilio Ferrara