20 under 40 recognizes local business and professional leaders who have achieved success and excelled in their field before the age of 40. These individuals have demonstrated leadership, initiative, and dedication in pursuing their careers or growth of their business as well as the growth and development of our community. We were honored to nominate Jon Hansen P.E., Loven Contracting Vice President, for the Arizona Daily Sun / Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce 20 Under Forty.

Guiding Innovation in Healthcare Construction

Jon Hansen’s technical innovations are demonstrated on a daily basis through the systems and methodologies he and his team have developed and adapted for project planning and management in the complex world of healthcare construction. From the rapid implementation of COVID-19 construction protocols to delivering seamless projects that enable the daily operation of essential healthcare providers in the most remote places in Arizona, his engineering-minded approach to every aspect of these critical projects ensures success.

Jon’s true innovation, however, is in the identification and development of healthcare division team members, recruiting a diverse and talented group of professionals who all operate with the same guiding principles. “Jon expects accountability from his team, but also gives us the room to suggest solutions to project challenges,” said Project Manager Joe Anderson. “He trusts us to get the job done but is always there to ensure that every project meets Loven Contracting’s standards for quality and client service. Follow-through is the name of the game.” Project Engineer Shane Stahly said, “I have grown professionally through Jon’s leadership. It is great to be a part of a team that is constantly elevating everyone, and pushing each person to excel.”

Entrepreneurship and Professional Accomplishments

As a young leader at our firm, Jon has been integral in Loven Contracting’s growth from a respected local business into one of the largest general contracting firms in Northern Arizona. As a company headquartered in Flagstaff, this growth has enabled our firm to employ a growing number of local skilled workers and to foster relationships with valuable small business trade partners, all of which contribute to the economic health of our region.

Jon’s success is truly a product of Flagstaff. He’s a 2007 graduate of Northern Arizona University’s engineering program and a registered Civil Engineer in the State of Arizona. After beginning his career at local firm Plateau Engineering, he was hired as a project manager for Loven Contracting. In the intervening decade, his commitment to integrity, responsibility, and collaboration with team members and clients has enabled a steady career progression.

Today, Jon is the Vice President of Loven Contracting’s growing Healthcare Construction division. Jon spearheaded the formation and growth of this group, first as a project manager, and now as the division head, where he leads Loven Contracting’s project managers, superintendents, and craft in providing construction services and facilities support to multiple major healthcare systems across Arizona.

Jon’s leadership has directly contributed to the success of hundreds of healthcare projects, including recent local work such as the expansion of the Medical Center Central Plant, the remodel of the Flagstaff Medical Center Women’s Infant’s and Children’s Department, and the construction of the new Northern Arizona Healthcare Children’s Health Center.

No event has tested Jon’s leadership capabilities more than the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Within hours of our clients identifying their needs, Jon led the healthcare team in partnership with facilities across Arizona to immediately organize and construct containments outside of patient treatment areas and patient rooms. These temporary facilities have been essential to providing healthcare personnel space to safely don and doff personal protection equipment. Since the initial emergency push for facility safety, Jon and his team have expanded their COVID response services to include the construction of triage and testing centers for higher education and medical offices.

Community Leadership in Northern Arizona

Jon’s leadership of the Healthcare Division has directly contributed to the economic wellbeing of the community through local partnerships with Northern Arizona trade partners and vendors. “A successfully delivered construction project may employ hundreds of people, and when those resources are sourced locally, the project budget goes right back into our schools, businesses, and local charitable groups,” said Mike Loven, president and founder of the 35-year-old company. “Jon and I agree on most things, including the need to ensure an economic future for our community.”

Civic Leadership Within the Community

Jon Hansen, P.E. is a Flagstaff Boys and Girls Club board member and is currently facilitating an expansion of the local club in partnership with key local trade partners Another Plumbing Company, Bronson Electric, and Highlands Floor Coverings. Through donations of time and materials from these Flagstaff businesses and project management support and labor also coming from Loven Contracting, the Boys and Girls Club will have significantly more room for programs in the coming year.

“This expansion will enable us to provide additional resources for 75% more kids in Flagstaff. Our capacity is currently fairly low because of COVID-19 restrictions, but this project will enable us to serve more kids than we did even prior to the pandemic,” said Flagstaff Boys and Girls Club CEO, Mark Cox. “Jon’s been an amazing board member and has volunteered to chair the safety committee as well. Safety for kids is the number one priority for the Boys and Girls Club, and he stepped up to serve in this complex role. In fact, Jon is always ready to help out in any way – he has a heart dedicated to serving the community.”