Flagstaff, AZ

Loven Contracting acted as the general trades subcontractor for major renovations and capacity upgrades to the existing North Boiler Plant on the active Northern Arizona University campus in Flagstaff, Arizona. Scope of construction services included selective demolition to portions of the existing building while all critical utilities maintained continuous, uninterrupted operation.

Major structural upgrades included constructing underground concrete vaults and drilled-shaft caissons while protecting the existing structures, utilities, and steam tunnels in the plant and seismic and snow load upgrades to the existing building’s structure. Loven Contracting also provided architectural façade upgrades to the facility consisting of new curtain walls, brick veneer, and architectural panels. Interior upgrades to the North Boiler Plant included a new boiler plant control room, storage mezzanines, plant operator restroom, and shower and locker facilities.

To ensure public and student safety on the NAU campus during the project, Loven Contracting took additional safety precautions by increasing site signage visibility and focusing on public announcements to communicate project-related information.